Mullai Educational Trust

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Mullai exists to bring wholesome education to the rural underprivileged children of India.


The vision is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Non-threatening atmosphere
  • Using child-centric education methodology
  • Constant innovation to provide quality education
  • Ongoing teacher training to equip them for the task
  • Addressing the need to find one's destiny
  • Encouraging to discover their uniqueness
  • Laying strong moral foundation

Teacher training is a constant endeavour to equip them to fulfill their purpose of being a teacher!

  • Enhancing language
  • Improving content knowledge
  • Providing member care

The Preamble of the Right to Education Act mentions about 'Child-centered education'. This is our primary focus of Mullai!

How do we achieve this goal?

Child Friendly atmosphere:

  • Zero tolerance to any kind of child abuse
  • No verbal abuse is allowed

Child centered education:

  • The child takes the initiative to learn
  • Ability Based Learning methodology is used
  • Teachers function as facilitators

Helping children find their destiny:

  • Constantly challenging them to set big goals
  • Providing opportunities to discover destiny

Laying strong moral foundations:

  • Teaching children the right moral values
  • Helping them to find freedom
  • Reaching out to counsel them

Mullai is registered trust and has FCRA registration

As per the FCRA requirements please fin the details:


FC-4 submitted for FY 2016 - 17

Quarterly report for Oct 2017 to Dec 2017